St. Louis fashion/promotional model, brand ambassador, and digital creator Lucy Tobey stops by Shock City Studios to chat it up with The Darryn Yates ...View Details

Darryn has a Top 5 frontman list in the world of rock n' roll. Frankie Muriel is one of them. He is the lead singer/frontman of Dr. Zhivegas, one of t...View Details

Darryn approached Nadia King several months ago as they both knew who Russell Brunson was! They initially started talking about online marketing, but ...View Details

He was Kid Arthur when he 1st started appearing on Darryn's show back in 2013/14 when Darryn had an early morning show on CBS Sports 920AM in St. Loui...View Details

Co-owner of Diamond Music Hall in St. Louis, morning radio personality on K-WULF 101.7FM, entrepreneur, promoter, and Topher also has a marijuana stra...View Details

Darryn and co-host Mike the Ex-Con dig deep into Daniel's inspiring story of rock bottom, recovery, and finding his music again. Uncensored. Enjoy! 🤠 ...View Details

Darryn met Dre when they were show mates on CBS Sports Radio in St. Louis in 2014/2015. Along with Mike the Ex-Con, a lot of fun stuff is discussed in...View Details

This car podcast is also on video on my YouTube channel, link below! I discuss Legacy. What do you want to be known for? What would you be known for r...View Details

My 2nd podcast straight from the car! This week I wanted to discuss Friendships and perhaps the lack of in certain cases. I would love to hear from yo...View Details

I am SUPER excited to be starting a weekly podcast straight from the car! (at least weekly for now!) This 1st one refers to a video I posted on TikTok...View Details

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